The Print Studio



The property has a large studio with stunning ocean outlooks.

Studio contains two  direct lithography presses, one motorized and one hand operated (34’’x 60” bed size), with the availability of stones, grained aluminium plates and photo plates. Bench top direct drive etching press (Fits A2).

A basic screen-printing facility is also available.

The studio is flexible in its lay out to accommodate multidisciplinary practices.

Print Process

Hand lithography offers artists an opportunity to work directly onto Bavarian limestone or grained aluminium plates working closely with master printer. A press is used to transfer drawings from stone or aluminium plates to paper.

First the artist draws the image which is then processed by the printer who chemically treats the stones or plates to stabilize for printing.

The printer then makes proofs with various colours and paper combinations until a final proof is approved by the artist. The master printer will then hand print the edition after which all original hand drawn plates or stones will be erased.

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Artist collaborations

Lancaster has introduced local artists to the medium furthering their skill base beyond main discipline. Lancaster demonstrates possibilities the medium has to offer giving the artist a range of applications onto the printing surface. Colours, image sizes and paper are  discussed.

Lancaster will endeavour to produce a quality hand printed limited edition on 100% cotton rag paper.

Costing varies depending on image size, colours used and edition size.

Lancaster has various methods of payment allowing artists to work within their budget.      


Printing classes

Classes will offer introductory two-day workshops giving artists the opportunity to draw directly onto Bavarian limestone which students will then process and hand print small edition under the guidance of Peter Lancaster. Dates and other details of classes and residencies will also be posted on Facebook

WE HAve a selection of packages for you to choose


2 hour demo with samples and refreshments

Workshop Access

Includes studio induction, consumables for processing, newsprint and rags, etching press for printing woodcuts, dry point off perspex or copper plate.

Studio Tuition

Lancaster will guide you through process tailoring your needs and assist with the processing and printing of a lithograph.


Accommodation is $1,800 FJD per week (This is for more than 2 people and a maximum of 8) Couples are $1,350 FJD per week Hire car can be arranged on request at approx.$70 FJD per day.

(Above rates are applicable for 1 week only)

Tel: (+679) 8043886

Tel: 0423 717 189 (Australia)